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    Minimize Your Tax Liability by Being Proactive

    Are you wondering what strategies you should be implementing now to reduce your tax liability next year? We like your thinking, and we’re here to help. Tax planning and compliance are core services at Hamilton Tharp. We have been helping clients implement tax-saving strategies since our founding, always emphasizing the importance of a proactive approach. We know what questions to ask you, and we know what questions you should be asking us, to uncover hidden opportunities for additional tax savings. We serve individuals, businesses, estates and trusts, helping them understand, plan for and address the tax implications of circumstances such as:

    Retirement planning –

    Whether you are wondering if you can retire or how best to secure a comfortable retirement for your future, we’ll discuss your alternatives and help you evaluate their short- and long-term tax implications. We can also help you develop an investment strategy and evaluate investment choices so that your portfolio is optimized for an advantageous after-tax return.

    Estates & trusts –

    In addition to preparing your returns, our estate and trust taxation specialists will make sure you have end-of-life considerations in check and help you employ strategies to minimize tax liabilities for you and your heirs.

    Entity selection –

    The type of entity you set up for your business has significant tax implications. Changing your entity structure down the road can be challenging, so be sure to thoroughly evaluate your options as early as possible. Hamilton Tharp can help you determine the best type of entity to form or restructure, given your long-term goals, operations strategy, tax implications and legal considerations.

    Succession planning –

    Are you planning to sell, transition or close your business? Should you? We’ll guide you through various scenarios and help you decide which one is the best fit for your goals.

    IRS representation –

    Professional representation can be vital during an audit, and our experience with tax authorities enables us to guide clients in their dealings with federal and state agencies. If you have been chosen for an audit, having our support can put many of your worries at bay. We are ready and willing to answer all the questions the IRS may ask you.

    Multi-state and international tax considerations –

    If you are doing business in multiple states or countries, we’ll guide you toward the most tax-advantageous strategies and make sure you’re filing all the necessary forms. We’ve been serving domestic and foreign clients with multi-state and international tax planning and compliance needs since our founding. And when you need a local perspective for the business you do in another part of the world, we tap the international resources of more than 120 firms in 93 countries through our membership in the global network, CPAsNET. Count on Hamilton Tharp to help you comply with all your filing requirements and minimize your total tax liability.

    Sales and payroll tax compliance –

    We’ll help you implement systems and processes to ensure you’re always in compliance with sales and payroll tax filings.

    Chasing a Moving Target Requires Planning and Expertise

    If you are thinking it’s tough to be proactive when tax laws are constantly changing, you’re right. But it can be done. Let our experienced team of CPAs help you navigate the tax complexities affecting your business. We’ll be by your side throughout the year—alerting you to the potential impacts of regulatory changes, asking the questions you need to be thinking about to take advantage of tax-saving strategies and, of course, answering your questions as they arise. At Hamilton Tharp, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your financial goals—not just preparing your tax returns. With a proactive approach and knowledgeable professionals by your side, you’ll be confident that you’re making tax-advantageous decisions. Contact us to learn more.

    Hamilton Tharp recognizes the demand to provide our clients with resources to help them address opportunities in a global economy. To assist our clients with increasing international needs, we have a strategic partnership with audittrust – an independent association of accounting firms in Europe, Latin America, The Middle East, Asia-Pacific, and Africa (EMEA). Should the need arise, we can access the knowledge and resources to provide comprehensive support in 100+ foreign countries worldwide. 

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