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    We all know the future will come, however we still put off financial planning for “a better time”. The truth is, a better time may never come or may come too late. There is no need to put off planning – the time is now.

    The key to building lifelong wealth is strategic planning and collaboration from the various financial professionals in your life. Our Wealth Management, Asset Management, Legal, Tax, and Insurance Planning Services allow us to provide clients with thoughtful and highly individualized solutions.

    We have assembled a team of experts to assist our clients in reaching their financial and life goals. By applying our service team approach to client needs, we identify a course of action needed for financial, tax and life management success.

    Our Approach

    We are dedicated to helping our clients maintain financial viability in the present while taking a proactive approach to achieve future goals. We accomplish this by systematically addressing 5 key areas.

    Wealth Management

    Every day we face challenges managing our finances. Stock market swings, fluctuating interest rates, taxes, debt and inflation – the effects can be unsettling. Many put off financial planning for “a better time”. Unfortunately, a better time may never come or may come too late.

    We can help you achieve your financial goals and will give you the guidance to:

    • Save for retirement.
    • Generate retirement income.
    • Minimize your tax burden.
    • Determine proper financial coverage.
    • Help you develop strategies to protect your financial future.
    • Offer personalized advice to help you achieve your unique goals.
    Asset Management

    In an ever-changing landscape, the global economy is swiftly becoming smarter and more nimble in many ways. We believe the management of your investment portfolio should be smarter and more nimble as well. Through our portfolio hedging techniques and focused “Building Block” strategies we seek to:

    • Minimize our clients’ exposure to overall portfolio risk.
    • Profit from global capital market volatility.
    • Position our clients’ portfolios to benefit from both extremes in global investor sentiment and from extremely rapid technological advancement.
    Tax Planning

    Effective tax planning and preparation require proactive involvement of a quality CPA. We can review your financial situation and develop thoughtful strategies to minimize your tax liability. Our comprehensive tax planning and preparation services include:

    • Tax planning and preparation
    • Accounting Services
    • Restructuring
    • Mergers, Acquisitions and Sales
    • Advanced Tax Strategies
    • Gift and Estate Tax Planning
    Insurance Planning

    You will likely have different life insurance needs at different stages of your life. And with people working and living longer, customized solutions are more critical than ever. In fact, almost all insurance companies have now updated their life expectancy tables to reflect the fact that we are now living longer. If your policy is more than 2 years old, you should have your policy reviewed by a knowledgeable insurance professional. There is a very good chance, assuming the applicant is still in good health, they may be able to dramatically increase the amount of coverage at no additional cost or lower their cost of their current coverage.

    We can create a customized plan that meets all your goals and objectives. Our Insurance Services include life insurance, long-term care and premium financing.

    • Life Insurance
    • Long-Term Care
    • Premium Financing
    Legal Services

    Protecting your assets is another component of planning for the future. Building generational wealth requires proactive planning to mitigate and avoid adverse legal actions. We work closely with attorneys to help you build and safeguard your assets. Our legal services include

    • Estate Planning
    • Business and Corporate Law
    • Securities Law
    • Real Estate Law
    • Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Employment Law
    • Charitable Planning

    When you work with us you benefit from our unique perspective as a multi-disciplinary practice of law, wealth management, insurance, and asset management services and a full-service CPA Firm, we can identify opportunities that others may miss. You also get advisors who provide a hands-on approach to serving you. You’ll hear from us through-out the year, not just once a year at a review.

    Contact us today to learn how we can help you live the life you want to live while building life-long wealth.


    Hamilton Investment Advisors, LLC (a related company) is a registered investment advisory firm registered with the State of California. Investment advisory services are offered through Heritage Wealth Management, LLC, a SEC Registered Investment Adviser. SEC registration does not constitute an endorsement of the firm by the Commission nor does it indicate that the adviser or investment adviser representative has attained a particular level of skill or ability. Additional information about Hamilton Investment Advisors, LLC and Heritage Wealth Management, LLC is also available on the SEC’s website at www.adviserinfo.sec.gov

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